"Country, folk and blues meld into something magical and mysterious - the musical equivalent of a dark desert highway, ominous clouds fast approaching."- Visible Voice

" Outlaw attitude and country flecked melancholia. Anybody with a pulse should enjoy these soulful rebels. " - Andy Kaufmann, Music Connection Magazine

"An awesome blend of sound that oscillates between blues, folk, and what I would describe as roadhouse rock n’ roll." -Prairie Shack Music

"Coyote Kolb plays their own brand of original, mesmerizing outlaw country blues, eschewing traditional blues progressions for subtle, syncopated rhythms underneath country honk slide guitar and harmonica. With their unique sound and original tunes CK may soon go from “Boston band” to another big act from Boston" - Glide Magazine

"Chadley Kolb and his band of outlaws honor their forefathers — Hank Williams, Son House, Lynyrd Skynyrd — with slide guitar, harmonica and wicked harmonies." - Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald

'Foot stomping southern rock and roll mixed with blues, that really is something completely surprising and authentic sounding. They are a must see band ' - Music Savage

"An amazing live act... We named United State, one of the very best records released in 2012 - anywhere."  Ryan's Smashing Life

"One of the premiere americana acts in the area" - BBC

"Reminds you of the Allman Brothers Band one minute or the Black Keys the next. ... transitions from deep delta blues into a chugging country shuffle.. Swampy Southern Rock...and a few spectral folk ballads that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Fleet Foxes record." - James Reed - Boston Globe  

"There's a deep-country vibe to Coyote Kolb's sound, but they also rock   fuzzed-out dirges like Neil Young has excelled at over the years. " -CheapThrills

"Solo-swapping traditionalist brouhahas, somber overtones, a bit of '70s rock expansiveness, and just enough twang to stay gritty while falling well short of any affected honky-tonk buffoonery." -  Phoenix

The swirling, infinity-bar blues jam that concluded ‘Kolb’s set was probably the closest I’ll get to seeing a live performance of “Whipping Post” until I’m wealthy enough to afford a ticket to an actual Allman brothers concert.  Looking like a band of tattooed outlaws from the wild west, they opened with some smoldering tribal numbers that had me looking around for Jim Morrison’s Indian car crash " -Peter Legasey - TheDig -  New England Americana Festival 2011

"Pure rock n roll bluesy goodness." - The Noise -

"You know, country/Americana style music was already pretty dirty before this band came along, but it was kind of a light, dry, “forgot-to-get-the-truck-washed” kind of dirty.  (Coyote Kolb) lean more towards a “muddy-and-filled-with-gross-things” kind of grit. Only the mud’s not made from water. It’s made from bloodDemon-blood. And the demons are, like, really good at playing steel guitar, or something. Charlie Daniels-type demons." -Sean Clancy- The Dig